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Welcome to over 98 years of quality!

The Uff Machine Company was started by our grandfather, Ernest Uff in 1913. It has been owned and operated by our family from it's inception.

The mission of the Uff Machine Company is to produce the best quality, cost effective machinery and parts, punctually delivered to all our customers. We will constantly improve our technology, while being mindful of our impact on the environment.

The Uff Machine Company has produced many parts as a prime and sub-contractor for Government / Military related jobs. Uff Machine Company's main business is manufacturing precision machinery and parts for many companies. They include, paper (wet & dry end), plastics (injection & blow molding), food processing, pharmaceutical processing, medical implants, steel mill equipment, textile machinery, power generation, aircraft, printing press equipment and many more.

We operate a 6 employee, non-union jobbing machine company. We normally work one shift. Our quality department has 1 full time inspectors. The Uff Machine Company complies to most military and commercial quality criteria. We have a quality manual that documents what we do.

We would like the opportunity of quoting on any of your requirements. We also have many local sources for other services such as small and large grinding, heat treating, plating, painting, castings, forgings, sheet metal forming etc....